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Driveways Wickford

Diamond Pave and Landscaping Ltd are driveway and landscaping specialists in Wickford and across South East Essex. We have created some beautiful driveways for clients that offer more space and functionality for growing families to park their cars and driveway designs that will add curb appeal and value to your home. Unfortunately, front gardens are generally wasted areas within the modern times we live, and we are constantly contacted by perspective clients looking to utilise as much space that their property has. Outside space is always at a premium now and by landscaping a new driveway you can add a new look to your property but also something that has a functional purpose as well.  You are welcome to browse our website to see the work we have carried out. We sincerely hope you discover the professionalism and knowledge you’re looking for. Please have a look at our page on block paving here if you’re contemplating using block paving for your new driveway. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including straight blocks, dual colours, a herringbone pattern, and circular patterns. Everything begins with your own ideas and as a specialist driveway company we can help to expand and improve on your initial ideas. 

The Process of Installing a New Driveway in Wickford

We will schedule a site visit to talk about your ideas and budget once you’ve established that you’d desire a more in-depth discussion with us about your driveway project. This enables us to survey the area you wish to landscape and determine whether we require specialised equipment to create your new driveway. Do you have space on your curb side for a skip, if required, and if we are building a driveway out of blocked paving, do you have an area for us to have goods delivered? The price of your landscaping can vary depending on all of these variables. Additionally, it will help us provide you with a more precise price for your new driveway in Wickford. Additionally, we may be able to evaluate your thoughts and ideas regarding the materials and offer some alternatives that will improve the final appearance of your project or that will enable you to save money. Naturally, when we visit, we’ll talk to you about all of this in more detail.

We Build Driveways to Last

We build driveways that will endure over time. We recognise that a new driveway is a big investment in your home, so it must be built correctly with the appropriate base and drainage systems in place. This will help your driveway withstand some of the rigors it will sustain over the course of its lifetime. Its is also wise to have a discussion with you about the types of vehicles that will be parked or traversing on the driveway. Are you just parking a couple of cars, do you have a works van or something larger that will be moving around on the driveway. All this information will help to build you a driveway that is fit for purpose for all your needs.  

Let’s Get Started on Your New Driveway

If you are ready to have a conversation with us about your proposed new driveway in Wickford then please feel free to call us on 01702 900592 or you can contact us through our website here this page also has all of our contact information on.