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Porcelain Patios.​

Diamond Pave & Landscaping ltd can renovate existing porcelain patios, extend your porcelain patio, design custom tailored porcelain patios and install completely new porcelain patio areas at your home in southend, Rochford, Rayleigh, Benfleet and surrounding areas. Porcelain patios have become quite popular over the years and hears why –

1. Easy to clean and maintain

With porcelain paving, getting your patio ready for the summer sun is an absolute breeze.

There’s no need for industrial cleaning chemicals or a complicated jet washer, you can get your porcelain pavers pristine armed only with a sponge and a bucket of soapy water. Better still, you only need to complete this simple cleaning routine 2 or 3 times a year to keep your porcelain patio slabs sparkling through the seasons.

For more information on ensuring your porcelain paving always looks its best, read our how to clean a patio blog post.

2. No sealants are required

While other types of paving, such as natural stone and concrete pavers, require you to add sealant during the installation process to protect from water-based stains, you can skip this fiddly step entirely when you lay porcelain paving slabs.

Porcelain patios are naturally non-porous, meaning water does not soak through the pavers. So, whether you’re dealing with barbecue grease or muddy footprints, tough stains and spills wipe away with ease on porcelain paving. This also means you can save an extra couple of quid on buying expensive sealants!

3. Resistant to erosion beneath the surface​

In addition to naturally protecting from unsightly stains, porcelain paving’s non-porous characteristics also protect against erosion beneath the surface of the slab.

With other porous pavers, water can soak through the material and erode the foundation of your patio, which can cause pavers to become loose in their formation. Porcelain paving slabs experience no such problems as water cannot penetrate its refined composite structure, keeping your patio strong and secure

4. Lasts for years and years to come

Due to its highly technical manufacturing process, porcelain pavers are extremely hard-wearing and one of the most durable paving options on the market.

Severe weather conditions, sticky stains and spillages, rogue plants and vegetation – none of these potential hazards will leave a lasting mark on your pristine porcelain patio. This makes porcelain paving slabs the perfect choice for paved areas that experience a lot of footfall!

For added peace of mind, feel free to check out our how to maintain your patio guide to ensure your porcelain patio slabs last a lifetime.

5. Resistant to sun fading

Where other pavers may lose a little bit of their lustre come to the end of summer, porcelain paving slabs retain their original colour for much longer.

That’s right – porcelain pavers will not fade or change colour over time. For homeowners, this means more opportunity to go big and bold with your patio colour choices. Whether selecting our dark Vetusto Porcelain Paving in Blue-Black or opting for a Graphite finish, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your eye-catching colour choice will remain for many years to come.

Porcelain Patio's Via Lower Barn Farm.

Why don’t you head to one of our main suppliers at lower barn farm in Rayleigh, As far as quality is concerned Lower barn farm is one of the best suppliers of Vetrified Italian porcelain in the Essex area, they are our number 1 stockist. They have porcelain for everyone no matter your requirements. Their landscaping display is second to none. There address can be found below.

Lower Barn Farm

London Road



Some of Our Recently Installed Porcelain Patios.



We can provide you with multiple samples of various natural and manufactured stone products in order to help you choose the perfect finish for your patio. We can take any patio you can dream of and turn it into a reality for you in Essex and Kent. Our prices are always competitive, our finished work is second to none.

Every one of our patio’s are completely bespoke and built to your specific needs, you can choose from a wide variety of styles that will compliment your home and add value not only aesthetically but in value as well.