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Would You Like A New Patio landscaped in Benfleet?

Installing a brand-new patio in Benfleet is a great way to increase the value of your house and make an outside living area that you can use for many years to come. A new patio might be the ideal option whether you’re searching for a place to rest or a place to host friends. You may be looking to refurbish and update an old patio with a new more modern look or to utilise more modern materials such as porcelain or sandstone, Diamond Pave and Landscaping Ltd have been helping home owners create amazing outdoor spaces that give your home the wow factor, we can as well, if you wish, landscape your garden creating you a whole new outdoor space to enjoy. Do have a look at some of our patio creations here and some of our expert landscaping work here.

What exactly does installing a new patio entail?

The procedure for having a new patio installed can vary based on your particular needs and the design you choose. Nonetheless, the bulk of patio installations will follow the general procedures described below:

  1. Initial Consultation: Arranging an initial consultation with a landscaping professional is the first step in having a new patio installed. The expert will assess your outside area, hear your thoughts and requirements, and make design recommendations during this session. You can contact Diamond Pave Ltd on 01702 90059.

  2. Site Survey: After you and the landscaping professional have decided on a plan, the landscaping professional will carry out a site survey to ascertain the precise dimensions and topography of your outdoor space. They will then be able to develop a thorough installation strategy.

  3. Excavation: The area where the patio will be constructed needs to be dug up. This entails clearing the area of any existing grass, vegetation, or garbage and preparing the ground for the patio installation.

  4. Base Preparation: Once the excavation is complete, the base for the patio will be prepared. This involves laying a layer of crushed stone or gravel and compacting it to create a stable base for the patio.

  5. Installation of the patio can start now that the base is in place. This entails putting the selected patio material in the appropriate design, such as concrete, pavers, or natural stone.

  6. Finishing Touches: The landscaping professional will add any necessary finishing touches, such as edging, borders, or lighting, once the patio has been constructed.


Top 5 suggestions for designing and landscaping a new patio

  • To guarantee you receive the look and usefulness you desire, do your homework on various materials, styles, and designs before you begin the process of having a new patio installed. Plan carefully, keeping in mind your unique requirements, your financial situation, and any potential stumbling blocks like drainage problems or uneven terrain. Diamond Pave Ltd will of course aid you with this before landscaping commences as we will come out to your home and commence a full site survey for you, however its still good to do your own research as this will also give you an idea of the work that will be undertaken.


  • Choose the correct materials: The patio’s construction materials will have a big impact on its strength, attractiveness, and upkeep needs. While selecting materials, take into account elements like temperature, foot traffic, and the overall design of your home.


  • Work with a respected landscaping professional such as Diamond Pave & Landscaping Ltd, the success of your patio installation can be greatly impacted by your choice of landscaping professional. Choose a specialist who has a history of producing high-quality work, offering exceptional customer service, and adhering to the use of premium materials.


  • Think about your lifestyle: It’s crucial to take into account your way of life when planning your patio, as well as how you intend to utilise the area. For instance, if you enjoy entertaining, you might want to install an outdoor kitchen or built-in barbecue. You might wish to include a play area or a fenced-off area if you have kids or dogs for safety.


  • Pay close attention to the minor things since they can significantly alter the way your new patio appears and feels. To create a unified and inviting outside space, take into account components like lighting, landscaping, and furniture.

Choosing a Landscaping Expert to Install Your New Patio:

When choosing a landscaping expert to install your new patio, there are several factors to consider;

Perform research to begin, conduct some research to identify possible landscaping professionals in your area. Find businesses who have received many favourable reviews and have a solid reputation for doing high-quality work. You can have a look at some of our reviews from happy customers on our home page here.


Once you’ve located possible landscaping specialists, examine their credentials to make sure they possess the required credentials. Choose installers that are licenced and insured so that you are covered in the event of an accident or property damage during the installation procedure. We at Diamond Pave show you our insurance details on our home page, we would encourage you to have a look at this and if you wish ask us questions relating to it as we are very open and transparent with our work and the way we conduct business.


Examine their portfolio: To obtain a sense of the design aesthetic and calibre of the landscaping specialist’s prior work, look through their portfolio. This can also assist you in figuring out if they have previous experience working on projects that are comparable to what you’re searching for.


Obtain a thorough estimate: When hiring a landscaper, be sure to receive a thorough estimate of the costs related to installing the patio. This ought to detail the costs of the supplies, labour, and any other fees. Before signing a contract, be sure you know what is covered by the estimate and ask any questions you may have.


Last but not least, pay attention to the landscaping specialist’s quality of customer service and communication with you. Verify their receptivity to your wants and concerns and whether you feel free to ask inquiries. An excellent landscaper ought to be able to collaborate with you to develop a patio design that accommodates your preferences and stays within your price range.

Let’s get started creating your new patio

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