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New Patio Wickford and Rayleigh

Are You Considering Landscaping A New Patio in Wickford or Rayleigh?

Are you considering having a new patio installed in your home in Wickford or Rayleigh ? Diamond Pave Ltd  have been landscaping and installing new patios within the South East  area of Essex for a number of years. We install sandstone and porcelain patios which create a great environment for you and your family to enjoy throughout the summer months with barbecues, alfresco dining and  luxurious sun bathing. We encourage you to have a look at the ‘patios page’ on our website here you will see the quality of the landscaping we carry out and the luxurious look of how your new patio will look. Our team of installers and landscapers possess over 30 years of experience between them giving you Peace of Mind that your new patio will look amazing. To give you even more Peace of Mind do you have a look on our home page where you will see eight bullet points detailing why you should use Diamond Pave & landscaping Ltd. In addition feel free to look at our Facebook page where we consistently post pictures and updates of our work .

Adding Value & Curb Appeal To Your Home

Diamond Pave and Landscaping Ltd. has been assisting homeowners create amazing outdoor spaces that give your home the wow factor, increasing your homes curb appeal and adding value to your property. In addition to creating you a new patio area, we can also landscape your garden to give you a completely new outdoor space to enjoy. You may be looking to renovate and update an old patio with a new more modern look or to use more modern materials such as porcelain or sandstone. Either way by creating an outdoor space to enjoy in the Spring and Summer months will improve your families wellbeing and create an area for you to entertain family and friends. Do have a look at our full landscaping and garden renovation work here.

The 6 Steps To Installing a New Patio

The procedure for having a new patio installed can vary based on your particular needs and the design you choose. Nonetheless, the bulk of patio installations will follow the general procedures described below:

  1. Initial Consultation: Arranging an initial consultation with a landscaping professional is the first step in having a new patio installed. The expert will assess your outside area, hear your thoughts and requirements, and make design recommendations during this session. You can contact Diamond Pave Ltd on 01702 90059.

  2. Site Survey: After you and the landscaping professional have decided on a plan, the landscaping professional will carry out a site survey to ascertain the precise dimensions and topography of your outdoor space. They will then be able to develop a thorough installation strategy.
  1. Excavation: The area where the patio will be constructed needs to be dug up. This entails clearing the area of any existing grass, vegetation, or garbage and preparing the ground for the patio installation.

  2. Base Preparation: Once the excavation is complete, the base for the patio will be prepared. This involves laying a layer of crushed stone or gravel and compacting it to create a stable base for the patio.

  3. Installation of the patio can start now that the base is in place. This entails putting the selected patio material in the appropriate design, such as concrete, pavers, or natural stone.

  4. Finishing Touches: The landscaping professional will add any necessary finishing touches, such as edging, borders, or lighting, once the patio has been constructed.

Would You Like To Talk To Us?

Why not give us a call to begin developing your new patio design in Rayleigh or Wickford,  if you are satisfied with what you have read above and have taken some time to look around our website. You can reach us by phone at 01702 900592 or by e-mail at this address,,  In either case, we look forward to working with you to landscape your garden or create a brand-new patio.